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     The Judiciary has launched a document submission system for court filings that are not currently being managed through our existing eCourts system. The Judiciary Electronic Document Submission (JEDS) system will enable attorneys (and self-represented litigants) to upload documents for filing and pay the appropriate filing fees by credit card. The system will be enhanced in the coming weeks to also accept payment by ACH transaction.

The JEDS system is the latest technology enhancement implemented as part of the Judiciary’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is intended to support continuity of our operations while our courthouses are closed to the public. Based on the need to provide this functionality as quickly as possible, the JEDS system will not be integrated with Judiciary case management systems. Rather, documents uploaded to JEDS will be placed in an electronic work basket, and the contents of the work basket will be reviewed and processed by court staff.

As noted, we have launched the first iteration of JEDS. In this first phase, JEDS will allow attorneys and self-represented litigants to submit their filings electronically in most areas of Family and Special Civil, as well as General Equity. We will add more case types to JEDS as we further develop the system.

     Attorneys: JEDS is not a replacement for eCourts. All attorneys must file in eCourts when the docket is in eCourts or in JEDS for all other matters, even for emergent applications, and must pay all appropriate fees.

     Self-Represented Litigants: Self-represented litigants can submit court forms and documents, for both non-emergent and emergent matters, and pay all appropriate fees, via JEDS. Self-represented litigants also can continue to submit emergent matters by email to the emergent matters email box that has been set up in each county.

Further information on JEDS will be posted and updated on the Judiciary’s public
webpage. Questions regarding the new JEDS system may be directed to

/s/ Hon. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D.

Acting Administrative Director of the Courts

Dated: April 9, 2020

Notice – Judiciary Electronic Document Submission System (JEDS) – As Signed – dated 04-09-20.pdf


     The New Jersey Department of Health (NJ DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended taking all possible steps to avoid person-to person contact during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Judiciary continues to follow the guidance of the NJ DOH and CDC by modifying and relaxing court operations to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Accordingly, it is ORDERED that effective immediately and until further order, pursuant to NJ. Const., Art. VI, sec. 2, par. 3, the provisions of Rule 4:4- 4(a)(7) of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey are relaxed and supplemented so as to permit electronic service of process by email on the State of New Jersey.

For the Court,

/s/ Stuart Rabner

Chief Justice

Dated: April 7, 2020

Order – COVID-19 – Permitting Electronic Service by Email on the State of New Jersey – Relaxation of Rule 4_4-4(a)(7).pdf


     As you know, there are currently no in-person court proceedings, except for limited emergent matters, because of concerns related to COVID-19. The most up to date information about the Judiciary can be found online at njcourts.gov. In the event you have an emergent matter in the Bergen Vicinage please call our main telephone number (201) 221-0700.

For Family Division matters per docket type please use the following extensions:

  • DV Matters – 25168
  • FM Matters – 25237
  • FJ Matters – 25205
  • CIC Matters – 25216
  • For Criminal Division Trial matters please call either extension 25007 or 25008.
  • For Pretrial matters call extension 25009.
  • For Civil Division matters please use the following extensions: 25722
  • For Child Support matters, please call (877) 655-4371.
  • For the Finance Division please call extension 25135 or 25136.

These extensions are being constantly monitored. In the event you leave a voice mail message, you will receive a call back from staff.

Please know that you can continue to utilize eCourts for most divisions and you can still mail documents to the courthouse. If you need to drop off documents, there is a drop box in the lobby of the Court Street entrance located in front of the security office. Documents are picked up a few times a day from the drop box.

Dated: April 7, 2020

/s/ Laura Simoldoni

Trial Court Administrator

Notice to the Bar.pdf


IT IS ORDERED that the March 19, 2020 Order of the Court extending the filing deadlines for certain tax appeals, which Order was reinforced in Section 5 of the Court’s March 27, 2020 omnibus order, is supplemented effective retroactive to March 19, 2020 so as:

  1. to clarify that the extension of filing deadlines applies to both state tax and controversies and local property tax appeals: and
  2. to provide that, as to property tax appeals to the New Jersey Tax Court from judgements issued by the county board of taxation in those counties participating in the Assessment Demonstration Program (L. 2013, c. 15), which at present includes Gloucester and Monmouth Counties, the filing deadlines as to complaints and counterclaims for such matters as set forth in Court Rules 8:4-1(a)(2) and 8:4-3(a) pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:51A-1, to the extent that those deadlines have not already passed, are hereby extended to the later of: (a) May 1, 2020 or(b) 30 days following a determination that the State of Emergency declared under Executive Order No. 103 has ended.

For the Court,

/s/ Stuart Rabner

Chief Justice

Dated: April 6, 2020

Order – Extension of Tax Appeal Deadlines – COVID-19 – Supplemental Clarifying Order.pdf


     In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the New Jersey Judiciary is implementing all possible measures to apply social distancing in current court operations, consistent with the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Accordingly, the procedures for applying for a SASPA protective order have been temporarily modified.

As part of the new temporary procedures, the Judiciary created the attached application packet to be used by the plaintiff/victim or the parent of a victim to request a SASPA temporary protective order. A parent or guardian may file on behalf of the victim in any case in which the victim (1) is less than 18 years of age; or (2) has a developmental disability or a mental disease or defect that renders the victim temporarily or permanently incapable of understanding the nature of the victim’s conduct, including, but not limited to, being incapable of providing consent.

The packet, which also is posted on the Judiciary’s website (www.njcourts.gov), includes the required forms as well as instructions on how to complete the forms. Once the plaintiff has completed the forms in the packet, they must email them to the Family Division either in the county in which the victim resides, the county in which the defendant resides, or the county where the act occurred. The list of email addresses by each county to be used for this purpose is on page 5 of the Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act Intake Kit (CN 12590). Family Division staff will promptly review the submitted paperwork that plaintiff has submitted and will contact the plaintiff to coordinate a time for a telephonic or video hearing on the application before a Superior Court judge.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and want to file for a domestic violence restraining order, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Questions about this notice may be directed to the AOC’s Family Practice Division
at 609-815-2900 ext. 55350.

/s/ Hon. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D.

Acting Administrative Director of the Courts

Dated: April 2, 2020

Notice – Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015 (SASPA) – Procedure for Obtaining a Temporary Protective Order – Modified to Address COVID-19 – Application Packet.pdf

***Please be advised this packet is intended to only be used during the COVID-19 crisis.***



In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic,  the New Jersey Judiciary is implementing all possible measures to apply social distancing in current court operations, consistent with the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

(1) Matrimonial Early Settlement Panels (MESPs)

In accordance with the March 27, 2020 Supreme Court Omnibus Order continuing the postponement of all MESP sessions scheduled through April 26, 2020, counties beginning the week of April 27, 2020 will be prepared to have MESP panels handle dissolution (FM) cases remotely. This notice provides instruction and guidance on how to conduct remote Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP) events either by video or telephonically. The following steps should be taken, to the extent possible, to ensure that the MESP sessions are scheduled and conducted remotely: Read More

Effective Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 0800 hours, the Bergen County Jail, in conjunction with the Bergen County Bar Association, will begin to coordinate telephone conferences between attorneys and their incarcerated clients. Attorneys requesting a telephone conference will email the following information for Ms. Keisha McLean (kmclean@bcsd.us):

1)      Attorney’s name

2)      Client’s name

3)      Requested date and time of call

4)      Approximate duration of the call

While we cannot guarantee a particular time slot, we will do our best to accommodate your request, and Ms. McLean will advise of you the approximate time of your scheduled call. Telephone conferences will run from 0800 hours until 1900 hours. We are not placing any restrictions on the duration of the scheduled calls, but please be mindful of the need of your fellow attorneys’ access to their clients. Please contact Frank O’Mara with any questions who will address them with me. Thank you.

/s/ Warden Steven Ahrendt

Office of the Bergen County Sheriff


The Supreme Court on March 27, 2020 issued an omnibus order regarding the Judiciary’s response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus public health crisis.

Over the past few weeks, the Court entered a series of orders and notices suspending certain court proceedings, extending deadlines, and tolling time periods because of the practical impossibility of continuing business as usual during this unprecedented emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The omnibus order extends numerous of those provisions – including the suspension of jury trials, Landlord/Tenant calendars, and all Municipal Court sessions – through April 26, 2020.

In addition to those continuations, the Court’s March 27 Order also takes a number of new steps. In Civil matters, the Order extends deadlines to additional areas, including for filing affidavits of merit in medical and professional malpractice cases and various types of discovery, and it tolls time periods for lack of prosecution dismissals and discovery end dates. Read More