In response to the growing public health crisis worldwide and in this state involving the COVID-19 coronavirus, the New Jersey Judiciary continues to implement all possible measures to apply social distancing in court operations consistent with the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of Health (“NJ DOH”) and the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”).

The Judiciary accordingly has closed comi buildings to the public and adjusted the operations of court offices to reduce the risk of exposure to or transmission of the virus.

Executive Order 107 (March 21, 2020) imposed strict limitations on the operations of “brick-and-mortar” businesses and required telecommuting to the greatest extent possible, causing law firms to transition expeditiously to remote work operations with few if any attorneys or staff working from their law firm offices. Read More


In response to the still expanding public health crisis worldwide and in this state involving the COVID-19 coronavirus, the New Jersey Judiciary continues to modify court operations to the fullest extent possible in accordance with the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of Health (“NJ DOH”) and the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”).

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a critical need for the uninterrupted services of many doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

Recognizing that critical need, it is ORDERED that effective immediately through Sunday, April 26, 2020, all depositions of and all required appearances for any doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals who are involved in responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency are suspended, except for appearances and depositions (i) that are requested by the doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional; or (ii) that are for matters related to COVID-19.

For the Court

/s/ Stuart Rabner

Chief Justice

Dated: March 24, 2020





In light of the circumstances identified in this Court’s Standing Order 2020-02 and as a result of expected delays during the COVID-19 pandemic, this Court issues the following Supplemental Order:

IT IS on this 24th date of March, 2020,

ORDERED that all filing and discovery deadlines in civil matters that currently fall between March 25, 2020 and April 30, 2020, are

EXTENDED by forty-five (45) days, unless the presiding judge in an individual case directs otherwise after the date of this Order. This extension does not apply to any scheduled dates of conferences, which are controlled by the presiding judge;

ORDERED that this Standing Order does not toll or extend any applicable statute of limitations; and it is further

ORDERED that any litigant in a civil matter may seek relief from this Order in a case which that litigant believes is emergent or otherwise requires immediate relief.


/s/ Hon. Freda L. Wilson,

U.S. Chief District Judge

District of New Jersey

As you know, there are currently no in-person court proceedings, except for limited emergent matters, because of concerns related to COVID-19. In the event you have an emergent matter in the Bergen Vicinage please call our main telephone number (201) 221-0700.

For Family Division matter per docket type please use the following extension:

DV Matters – 25168

FM Matters – 25237

FJ Matters – 25205

CIC Matters – 25216

For Criminal Division Trial matters please call either extension 25007 or 25008.

For Pretrial matters call extension 25009.

For Civil Division matters please use the following extensions: 25722.

For Child Support matters, please call (877) 655-4371.

For the Fiance Division please call extension 25135 or 25136.

These extensions are being constantly monitored. In the event you leave a voice mail message, you will receive a call back from staff.


/s/ Laura Simoldoni,

Trial Court Administrator

Dated: March 24, 2020

As reflected in the court’s Automated Case Management System, pretrial judicial settlement conferences, scheduled to be conducted by the Hon. Lisa Perez-Friscia, J.S.C., through April 3, 2020, are CANCELLED.  Civil Judges in Bergen – including Judge Perez-Friscia – may call counsel and initiate settlement conferences telephonically.  The Bar is advised to check ACMS for scheduling updates on their cases.


/s/ Hon. Robert L. Polifroni, P.J.Cv.

Dated: March 24, 2020

This matter having come before the Court on the request for relief by the Office of the Public Defender (see attached letter dated March 19, 2020), seeking the Court’s consideration of a proposed Order to Show Cause (see attached) designed to commute or suspend county jail sentences currently being served by county jail inmates either as a condition of probation for an indictable offense or because of a municipal court conviction; and

The Court, on its own motion, having relaxed the Rules of Court to permit the filing of this request for relief directly with the Supreme Court, based on the dangers posed by COVID-19, and the statewide impact of the nature of the request in light of the Public Health Emergency and State of Emergency declared by the Governor. See Executive Order No. 103 (2020) (Mar. 9, 2020);

And for good cause shown; it is Read More

The Supreme Court issued an order late Sunday night that will suspend or commute county jail sentences for low-risk inmates in light of the public health emergency caused by coronavirus COVID-19.

The order commutes or suspends county jail sentences currently being served by county jail inmates either as a condition of probation for an indictable offense or because of a municipal court conviction. It directs their release no later than 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The Supreme Court on Friday relaxed the rules of the court to accept a petition from the Office of the Public Defender in response to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 in county jails. Read More

New Jersey Governor Phillip Murphy’s Executive Order No. 107

Paragraphs 10 and 11

The following paragraphs below come from Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 107 in response due to the growing concerns of the COVID-19 virus. These paragraphs relate to the practice and operations of law firm staff and employees. Other businesses, including law firms, are directed to have most of their workforce, “wherever practicable,” telework from home, with the exception of employees who cannot perform their functions via these arrangements.The order lists examples of employees who need to be physically present as those who perform general building maintenance, IT maintenance and administrative functions, among others.

” (10) All businesses or non-profits in the State, whether closed or open to the public, must accommodate their workforce, wherever practicable, for telework or work-from-home arrangements. For purposes of this order, “telework” means the practice of working from home or alternative locations closer to home through the use of technology that equips the individual to access necessary materials.

(11) To the extent a business or non-profit has employees that cannot perform their functions via telework or work-from-home arrangements, the business or non-profit should make best efforts to reduce staff on site to the minimal number necessary to ensure that essential operations can continue. Examples of employees who need to be physically present at their work site in order to perform their duties include, but are not limited to, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and other first responders, cashiers or store clerks, construction workers, utility workers, repair workers, warehouse workers, lab researchers, information technology maintenance workers, janitorial and custodial staff, and certain administrative staff.”


Below is the link to Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 107. Previously cited paragraphs 10 and 11 are relocated on page 10.

Governor Murphy Executive Order No. 107. pdf

I never imagined that this would be the first address I would give to our members.

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe.   You should know that the Bergen County Bar Association continues to operate during this difficult time in order to serve our members and provide as much information to you as possible.

To accomplish this objective, I have coordinated daily contact with the Sheriff’s Department, the office of the County Executive and Assignment Judge Mizdol in order to provide you with the most current information available.  Our executive board is in frequent discussions in order to keep you apprised as to updated protocols.  For example as we receive information regarding attorney visits at the jail, and attorney video conferencing for court proceedings we will advise you as quickly as possible.   You are encouraged to visit our website for this information and to check your emails for our e-blasts.

We have been through many hard times and we have always been able to overcome them.  This time is no different.  We should continue to practice with the utmost professionalism that is characteristic of our Association’s members.

Warmest regards,
BCBA President
Joseph A. Maurice, Esq.