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  • Address: 15 Bergen St, Hackensack, NJ
  • Phone: (201) 488-0032
  • Email Address: info@bergenbar.org


NOTICE: Bergen County Courthouse Emergent Phone Numbers

As you know, there are currently no in-person court proceedings, except for limited emergent matters, because of concerns related to COVID-19. In the event you have an emergent matter in the Bergen Vicinage please call our main telephone number (201) 221-0700.

For Family Division matter per docket type please use the following extension:

DV Matters – 25168

FM Matters – 25237

FJ Matters – 25205

CIC Matters – 25216

For Criminal Division Trial matters please call either extension 25007 or 25008.

For Pretrial matters call extension 25009.

For Civil Division matters please use the following extensions: 25722.

For Child Support matters, please call (877) 655-4371.

For the Fiance Division please call extension 25135 or 25136.

These extensions are being constantly monitored. In the event you leave a voice mail message, you will receive a call back from staff.


/s/ Laura Simoldoni,

Trial Court Administrator

Dated: March 24, 2020