Emergent COVID Calendar For the Criminal Part Judges – May & June 2021

Bergen County Criminal Part Judges continue to handle criminal matters by utilizing technology to enable the parties to appear remotely.

The judges have been assigned to handle emergent matters for the months of May and June, 2021 as set forth in the schedule listed below. Of course, this schedule is subject to any Phase changes that may be implemented.

The schedule is as follows:

MAY 2021

3rd – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

4th & 5th – Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

6th & 7th – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

10th & 11th – Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

12th & 13th – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

14th & 17th – Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

18th & 19th – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

20th & 21st – Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

24th & 25th – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

26th & 27th – Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

28th – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

31st – HOLIDAY


JUNE 2021

1st – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

2nd & 3rd – Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

4th & 7th – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

8th & 9th – Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

10th & 11th – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

14th & 15th – Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

16th & 17th – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

18th – HOLIDAY

21st & 22nd – Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

23rd & 24th – Judge Steinhart/Judge Steele

25th & 28th – Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

29th & 30th – Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

Please note that Judge Sattely will conduct detention hearings on Mondays and Fridays and EDC hearings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The assigned emergent judge conduct detention hearings on Wednesdays.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


/s/ Margaret M. Foit, P.J., Cr.