NOTICE: Bergen Vicinage Civil Court Operations Update

The Civil Division continues to operate although the Courthouse is closed to the public. The Division staff has been directed to work remotely. eCourts is fully functional, and the Bar is not restricted from filing and opposing motions timely. The Bar is directed to the Supreme Court’s instructions as to the status of courtesy copies. All civil judges will be adjudicating motions on 4/9/20, and are conducting oral argument telephonically; some remotely, some from their courtrooms.

The digital drop box established by the AOC is designed for Divisions not fully integrated into eCourts, and litigants without access to eCourts. Therefore, the emergent digital dropbox is not to be used for cases in the eCourts system.

Judge Monaghan is conducting Special Civil Part matters as much as practical, and is initiating settlement conferences by affirmatively reaching out to counsel in that Division. Law Division judges are actively engaged in settlement conferences on cases expected to be listed for trial in April, as well as cases listed for pretrial settlement conferences. Counsel are encouraged to be responsive to those calls from the court. Counsel are encouraged to initiate settlement discussions among themselves, and are free to seek assistance from civil division judges.

Civil Commitments hearings are proceeding using remote technology, on 4/9/20, and beyond.