NOTICE: Family Division Assignments – Sept. 2021

Effective September 7, 2021, the Judicial assignments are as follows:

PRE-JUDGMENT – Dissolution (FM) Motions and Trials

Docket Nos.            JUDGE                                                Team Leaders – Room 260

01-25                          Peter J. Melchionne, P.J.F.P.          Kurt Schoening, Laura Mezza & Maria Miller 201-221-0700, Ext. 25237/25241/25204

26-55                          James J. Guida, J.S.C.

56-70                          Jane Gallina-Mecca, J.S.C.

71-00                          Darren T. DiBiasi, J.S.C.

POST-JUDGMENT – Motions and Plenary Hearings

01-05                          Peter J. Melchionne, P.J.F.P.

06-10                           James J. Guida, J.S.C.

11-15                            Darren T. DiBiasi, J.S.C.

16-25                           Jane Gallina-Mecca, J.S.C.

26-40                         Magali M. Francois, J.S.C.

41-55                           Jaclyn Medina, J.S.C.

56-70                          Mark T. Janeczko, J.S.C.

71-85                           Nina C. Remson, J.S.C.

86-00                         Michael Antoniewicz, J.S.C.

In addition, the judges will hear the following matters:

Judge Melchionne (Room 265) back-up for all case matters; all ISCs; SASPA

Judge DiBiasi (Room 338) ISCs; CSE

Judge Guida (Room 262) back-up Juvenile & SASPA

Judge Francois (Room 152) Juvenile; CIC 1/2 South; CSE; back-up FV & FG

Judge Janeczko (Room 108) FV calendar; Weapons, CSE; back-up FV & FG

Judge Mecca (Room 336) CIC North; CIC 1/2 South; CSE; back-up FV-FG

Judge Medina (Room 317) FD Calendar; CSE; back-up Weapons and Contempts

Judge Remson (Room 354) Contempts; FD Calendar, CSE; back-up FV

Judge Antoniewicz (Room 501) FV Calendar; TPR; CSE

Judge Mizdol, AJ (Room 426) FC Summary Hearings, ISCs

Team Leader for Judge Remson, Judge Antoniewicz and Judge Janeczko for Domestic Violence and FO Contempts/Weapons is Kelly Miressi. The DV Unit is located in Room 102 and may be reached at 201-221-0700, Ext. 25185

Team Leader for Judge Mizdol, Judge Mecca, Judge Antoniewicz and Judge Francois for CIC matters is Jessica Mulligan. The CIC Unit is located in Room 355 and may be reached at 201-221-0700, Ext. 25216.

Team Leader for Judge Francois for Juvenile matters is Loretta Little. The Juvenile Unit is located in Room 159, and may reached at 201-221-0700, Ext. 25303.

Team Leader for Judge Remson and judge Medina for Non-Dissolution matters is Tracey Andolini. The FD Unit is located in Room 163 and can be reached at 201-221-0700, Ext. 25170.

The Judge hearing the FM matter will ordinarily hear FD and FV actions that occur while a Dissolution action is pending. DV Hearing Officers will hear requests for Temporary Restraining Orders in Room 102. Child Support Hearing Officers will conduct their hearings in Room 161. HO appeals will be heard on rotation by the FD judges and DV appeals will be heard on rotation.

All pleadings requiring a fee are to be paid for and filed through JEDS. Only pro se litigants may mail in pleadings to the Finance Unit – Room 119.

/s/ Peter J. Melchionne, P.J.F.P.

Dated: 8/24/21

Notice to the Bar -Family Division Assignments – Sept. 2021.pdf