Commencing on or about March 14, 2022, the Law Division will conduct a select number of in-person jury trials. It is anticipated there will be two in-person trials at a time. Virtual trials will also continue determined by resource and space considerations.   Jury selection of in-person jury trials will be remote.  Selected jurors will then come to the courthouse for trial.

In conjunction with the commencement of in-person jury trials, there will be a Monday morning Calendar Call for a select number of cases. Cases selected for the Calendar Call will be contacted directly by the Court in the week prior to the trial date. These will be cases which have not been pre-assigned but are ready for trial.

Attorneys appearing at the Calendar Call will be expected to be ready to commence jury selection and trial when assigned to an available judge on that day or on the days immediately thereafter.

The cooperation of the Bar is greatly appreciated as we move forward to gradually resume in-person jury trials.

John D. O’Dwyer, P.J.Cv.