NOTICE: Extension of Tax Appeal Deadlines


IT IS ORDERED that the March 19, 2020 Order of the Court extending the filing deadlines for certain tax appeals, which Order was reinforced in Section 5 of the Court’s March 27, 2020 omnibus order, is supplemented effective retroactive to March 19, 2020 so as:

  1. to clarify that the extension of filing deadlines applies to both state tax and controversies and local property tax appeals: and
  2. to provide that, as to property tax appeals to the New Jersey Tax Court from judgements issued by the county board of taxation in those counties participating in the Assessment Demonstration Program (L. 2013, c. 15), which at present includes Gloucester and Monmouth Counties, the filing deadlines as to complaints and counterclaims for such matters as set forth in Court Rules 8:4-1(a)(2) and 8:4-3(a) pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:51A-1, to the extent that those deadlines have not already passed, are hereby extended to the later of: (a) May 1, 2020 or(b) 30 days following a determination that the State of Emergency declared under Executive Order No. 103 has ended.

For the Court,

/s/ Stuart Rabner

Chief Justice

Dated: April 6, 2020

Order – Extension of Tax Appeal Deadlines – COVID-19 – Supplemental Clarifying Order.pdf