Bergen County Tax Court Proceedings

  1. Tax Court continues to conduct trials, calendar calls, oral arguments and settlement conferences via remote proceedings (Zoom and/or Teams).
  2. Judiciary Electronic Document Submission- JEDS. The JEDS system is intended for self-represented litigants who need to submit a document to the court.  Attorneys are required to upload case initiating documents in State Tax appeals via JEDS and pay the filing fee by credit card or ACH transaction. After uploading these documents through JEDS the Tax Court Management Office will notify you if you owe additional fees and will upload the documents to the eCourts electronic filing system (eCourts Tax). All subsequent documents in state tax cases are required to be uploaded through eCourts. JEDS is not a replacement for eCourts. All attorneys must file local property tax appeal documents through eCourts. Attorneys may also use JEDS for anything that cannot be filed in eCourts.
  3. Tax Court Management Office as well as Judge’s Chambers are operating remotely the most efficient way to contact either is via email. Email should not be used to file documents or request adjournments.