Message from the Bergen County Board of Taxation

The Bergen County Board of Taxation is planning on utilizing a teleconference conference call system through a switchboard controlled by the County Tax Administrator.  The switchboard will allow the County Tax Board administrative access to bring in calls, end calls, mute calls etc.  Hearing notices will go out explicitly stating to a petitioner a window of time at which to make themselves available to be heard on their appeal.  The hearing notice will reiterate that any evidence must be submitted timely to the board and to the tax assessor.   A couple days prior to the hearing, a member of the County Board of Taxation, may reach out to the petitioner and ask them if they have a preferred contact phone number other than the one listed on the appeal form.  The County Board of Taxation will generally have a few petitioners in the queue and dial additional petitioners into the hearings as they progress in order to keep the calendar moving.  The hearing dates will also be listed and advertised on the County Tax Board website,  as well as the call in number and access code for the teleconference hearings.

~Bergen County Board of Taxation