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NOTICE: Bergen County Courthouse Emergent Criminal Judges’ Schedule for May 2020

The Bergen County Criminal Part Judges are handling Criminal Matters by utilizing technology to enable the parties to appear remotely. Please the schedule below for the month of May for the assigned Criminal Part judges to handle emergent matters. Of course, this schedule is subject to change if the Courthouse opens to the public sooner

May 1 and 4: Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

May 5 and 6: Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

May 7 and 8: Judge Vinci/Judge Sattely

May 11 and 12: Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan

May 13 and 14: Judge Kazlau/ Judge Wilcox

May 15 and 18: Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann

May 19 and 20: Judge Vinci/Judge Sattely

May 21 and 22: Judge Catuogno/Judge McGrogan


May 26 and 27: Judge Kazlau/Judge Wilcox

May 28 and 29: Judge Foti/Judge Bachmann