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NOTICE: Discontinuation of Gold Seals

The New Jersey courts are committed to continuing court operations during and after the COVID-19 public health pandemic emergency. To that end, by Orders dated March 27, 2020, April 24, 2020 and further clarified by the May 15, 2020 Order, the Supreme Court permitted electronic signatures for all documents to which the seal of the court is affixed.

The initial and subsequent orders issued by the Supreme Court specifically includes Judgements of Divorce and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. The Bergen Family Division is guided by these Orders and is following direction by the Superior Court Clerk’s Office to utilize electronic signatures and seals for family documents.

The Superior Court Clerk’s Office has confirmed that all state agencies and pension plans will honor the digital seal and certification. The Superior Court Clerk’s Office is currently in communication with the federal government with respect to reciprocity. As Such, and only until further direction, documents for federal agencies will receive a non-digital seal and certification when specifically requested. All applicable fees for the copies remain in effect and must be paid for/filed through JEDS.

The Court continues to recognize that the Bar also needs to communicate with the Judge hearing their respective matter and provide correspondence as it relates to specific cases and case management related issues. Non-filed and non-fee related pleadings can be submitted directly to the respective Judge’s judicial secretary as delineated in the list below. All other items must be submitted via JEDS. Please be further advised that, unless specifically requested by the Court, courtesy copies of pleadings filed through JEDS should not be sent to the below email addresses.

Judge Peter J. Melchionne, P.J.F.P. – Theresa Schneck – Theresa.Schneck@njcourts.gov

Judge James J. Guida, J.S.C. – Tracy Keenan – Tracey.Keenan@njcourts.gov

Judge Terry P. Bottinelli, J.S.C. – Priscilla Wascaz – Priscilla.Wascaz@njcourts.gov

Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca – Elisa Amari – Elisa.Amari@njcourts.gov

Judge Darren T. DiBiasi, J.S.C. – Robin Mottola – Robin.Mottola@njcourts.gov

Judge Magali Francois, J.S.C. – Lucile Picinich – Lucille.Picinich@njcourts.gov

Judge Mark T. Janeczko, J.S.C. – Christine Kronyak – Christine.Kronyak@njcourts.gov

Judge Michael Antoniewicz, J.S.C. – Gabriela Guillen – Gabriela.Guillen@njcourt.gov

Judge Nina C. Remson, J.S.C. – Frances Schoenfeld – Frances.Schoenfeld@njcourts.gov

Judge Jaclyn Medina, J.S.C. – Jessica Rivera – Jessica.Rivera@njcourts.gov

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